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Servants For Jesus Christ Videos


VIDEO LIST:  Table Of Contents

Testimony Videos For Anyone

Miracles Part 1 - Healing

Miracles Part 2 - Protection Testimonies

Young Girl Glory Anna Wants To Serve Jesus

Teenager Aquila Sees Jesus Heal Blind Lady That Had All White Eyes

Major Questions and Answers In Life

Study The Holy Bible - Seek The Truth About Jesus Christ

Katherine tried to be perfect and was so hard on herself

Looking for love in all the wrong places

Dean rededicates His life to Christ after parties at College

Gary was ashamed to be a Christian as he wanted to be popular

John is set free after 15 years and 15 days

Jesus Helps James Conquer Suicide Thoughts

Jesus Can Save You No Matter What You Have Done

You are so special to God

Healing Miracles

Financial Miracles

What Is Your Final Decision?

Are You Desperate?

Going To The Church that God Calls You To Go To

Treat Prayer As A Date With Jesus

Receiving Joy and Peace In The End Times

Not UnWanted But Wanted By Jesus You

Servants For Jesus Christ - Ministry Introduction


Teaching Videos For Baby(New) Christians

God's Unconditional LOVE FOR YOU

Jesus Is Your Redeemer

Jesus Is Your Provider

Worship God In Spirit And In Truth

Water Baptism

How To Study The Holy Bible

Jesus Is Your Healer

Jesus Wants To Heal You

Jesus Is Your Protector

Holy Spirit is Your Comforter-Helper-Teacher

Jesus Is Your Deliverer

Serving In the Local Church and Abroad

The Great Commission - Letting Jesus Shine Through You

Jesus' Help Through The Trials & Storms of Life

Why Give To This Ministry?


Teaching Videos For Teen(Young) Christians

10 Commandments Summed Up In 2 Commandments

Stop Criticizing The Church - Learn About Hypocrisy

How To Pray Effectively

9 Fruits Of Holy Spirit

Life and Death Are In The Power Of Your Tongue

How To Grow Your Faith

God Needs Business People

Jesus Provided An Inheritance For - You


Teaching Videos For Mature Christians and Christian Leaders

Baptism - Infilling Of the Holy Spirit

9 Gifts Of Holy Spirit

Praising God In All Situations

Listening To Jesus

God's Grace Is God's Gift AND God's Power

Choirs, Musicians, Worship Leaders

What Does Is Mean To Be A Disciple Of Jesus Christ?

Jesus Came To Earth Fully God Fully Man

Binding and Loosing - Getting Free From Addictions


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Servants For Jesus Christ is a 501 C3 registered charitable organization.  You can print off your donation reports online for donors everywhere. Donation Receipts for Income Tax Purposes are given for US Donors.

Please pray about donating to this ministry.  You may choose to mail in a check to the address at the top of this web site or click on the donate button and consider giving on a monthly basis.  Thank you and God Bless you. We pray for God's grace to help you do the will of God in your life as you sudy the Holy Bible every day to get strength, love and forgiveness from Jesus Christ!

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